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Alatli Transport Ltd. is a transport company with a long experience in this sphere, with major destinations Turkey – Bulgaria, Bulgaria – Turkey.

Alatli Uluslararasi Nakliyat ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is established in 2001 as a transport company giving international freight forwarding services. In 2005 starts freight transportation between Turkey and Bulgaria with its own trucks.

As a result of the dynamic development of Alatli Uluslararasi Nakliyat ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. in 2013 in the territory of Bulgaria was established a new company – Alatli Transport Ltd. which has its own specialized vehicles.

What is in the roots of our success is the understanding that the quality of the transport-freight forwarding services depends basically on the highly-qualified staff. We believe that the professional freight forwarder is something more than a temporary adjunct for the certain transport department. With the developing electronic trading, fast access to information via Internet and the new computerized technology in the sphere of transport, better possibilities for mutually beneficial partnership in the relationship trader – freight forwarder can be found.

If you have a load for import, export or transit, you need information where is your load at the moment or if you just want an offer or consultation, we will give you the service you need.

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